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Why Give?


Beyond just tuition fees, the lifeblood of the School's financial sustenance flows from the generous contributions of our alumni and dedicated donors. Our reliance on the support of our alumni is not merely financial, but also rooted in the profound Trinity experience they've undergone. They've felt the transformative power of our exceptional Christian education and the unbreakable bonds forged within our community of believers.

Whether you've personally walked the halls of Trinity as a student or parent, or simply learned of the excellence of our Christian education, we extend an earnest invitation for you to stand by Trinity's side. With your support, we can ensure that the Trinity experience persists for generations to come, allowing current and future students to thrive in this remarkable environment. 

Ways to Give


Supporting Trinity's mission comes in various impactful forms. By contributing to the Trinity Little Lamb's Fund, you directly assist students in meeting their financial requirements. If you choose to contribute to the Trinity Legacy Fund, your generosity addresses the school's pressing present needs.


Through the Trinity Gifting Fund, you're empowered to allocate your contribution to specific areas of focus such as the school's current priorities, student scholarships, academic programs, athletics, library, music, or other established programs. Many donors also establish endowments or offer scholarships as gifts, further enriching Trinity's educational legacy.

You have multiple avenues to make a meaningful difference at Trinity. For more information on our ongoing initiatives, explore the opportunities listed below:

                                                              Outdoor Enrichment Courtyard

  • Make an Online Donation

  • Contribute via Check

  • Create a Pledge

  • Utilize Thrivent Member Benefits

  • Leverage Your Employer's Matching Gift Program

  • Donate Stocks and Securities

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