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Standards and Accreditation

Trinity Lutheran School has been accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation (recognized by SACS) since 2001 and has maintained continuous accreditation through annual self-evaluations. Our latest accreditation, granted by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission, was obtained after a successful visit in the Spring of 2019.

NLSA Standards for Accredited Schools

The school is mission driven.

• The school demonstrates its Christian mission through relationships with congregations, community, staff, students and families.

• The school is governed and administered according to written policy.

• A qualified and competent staff serves the school.

• The school has written curriculum that integrates the Christian faith and is supported by appropriate materials and resources.

• Christian teachers facilitate student learning to achieve the planned outcomes of the school’s curriculum.

• The school plans for and provides resources and activities for students beyond the standard classroom instruction.

• The school maintains a safe and healthy learning environment.

• All buildings, grounds and equipment support student learning and conform fully with applicable laws and building codes.

• The school has a financial plan to accomplish its mission.

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