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Exploring Trinity Lutheran School's Outstanding Qualities

Trinity Lutheran School emphasizes small classes, fostering strong partnerships with parents, nurturing environments, and a focus on core subjects to ensure each child's academic success. Our exceptional attributes pave the way for every child's academic success! 

Small Classes


We're committed to keeping our classes small for a reason: creating the best environment for your child to thrive. In our intimate class settings, teachers can forge meaningful connections with each student, setting high expectations that they can effectively implement. Small class sizes also pave the way for open and robust communication between parents and teachers, ensuring we're all on the same page. Finally, it cultivates a warm, family-style atmosphere where your child can flourish and succeed.

Strong Partnership


At Trinity Lutheran School, we believe in being your dedicated partner in your child's education journey. This partnership begins the moment your child is accepted into our school. We add your child's name to our class list, and in August, our teachers take an extra step by making home visits. During these 20-30 minute visits, you and your child get to know our teachers. It demonstrates our commitment to going the extra mile for our students. Your child's picture is proudly displayed on the class bulletin board, and you, as parents, gain a new partner who deeply cares about your child's well-being. This personal connection also provides valuable insights into your child's life, which we use to nurture them effectively in the classroom.


Nurturing Environment


Step into Trinity Lutheran School, where we genuinely care for your child's well-being. As you drop your child off, you'll leave with the assurance that they are in the hands of caring and familiar staff who understand and appreciate your child's unique needs. With this peace of mind, you can go about your day, knowing that your child is not only learning but also making new friends and receiving the nurturing they deserve.

Focus on the Basics

At Trinity Lutheran School, we excel in educating children by focusing on core subjects: Religious Instruction, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Geography. We prioritize the fundamentals, beginning with teaching children the foundational sounds and shapes of our alphabet. This forms the basis for their language skills, progressing from basic communication to synthesizing words, sentences, and paragraphs. We emphasize practice and mastery, ensuring that each child thoroughly grasps these fundamentals before advancing to more complex skills. Our approach starts in preschool and continues to develop mastery in every essential skill, setting the stage for their academic success.

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